Identity designed for the Human Rights and HIV/AIDS: Now More Than Ever delaration.

Mike Edwards and I designed an identity, posters, and t-shirts for the Open Society Institute's presence as a major sponsor and organizer of the XVII International HIV/AIDS Conference in Mexico City which was held in early August 2008.  The identity needed to reflect the theme of the conference "Human Rights and HIV/AIDS: Now More than Ever", so we designed a logo that combined a fist and the ubiquitous HIV/AIDS ribbon symbol. We housed this symbol in a square with rounded corners, as a subtle reference to the iconography of the 1968 Olympic games held in Mexico City, a variation of which is still used for the metro system in Mexico City to this day. We also chose an orange color to house the identity since the group wanted to stand out when they were all wearing the shirts together, they used orange for the publication of a pamphlet about the declaration, and to adhere to a mutual desire to stay away from the now widely-used shades of red typically seen in AIDS campaigns.

We worked closely with O.S.I. for two months as we developed t-shirts, Powerpoint slides and templates, banners for a march that was to take place during the conference, posters for the exhibition in English and Spanish, fliers, and some additional requests for other posters and shirts.


T-shirt design with the identity.Paula Akugizibwe, whom I met while working in Botswana is sporting one of the shirts while speaking at the conference.



Conference poster featuring the declaration statements. Poster that displays over 500 organizations who have endorsed the declaration.


Banner used during march in Mexico City.


Additional t-shirt design for world hospice day. Conference participants sporting the hospice shirt.