A short film produced for the Wounded City project in 2004.  24 films comprised the Wounded City DVD compiled under the tutelage of the internationally renowned artist, Alfredo Jaar and premiered at the Pantages Theater in downtown Minneapolis.  Each film was 3 minutes long and focused on a separate city in the world facing political, cultural, or otherwise human-made destitution and suffering.  Utilizing my ties to the Twin City Somali community, I decided to bring attention to the issue of violence faced by women in the Somali refugee camps along the Eastern border of Kenya.  Hundreds of thousands of Somalis have been exiled to this remote region, the vast majority of which are women and children who face innumerable threats from Somali militia men, Kenyan border guards, and desert bandits as they procure wood for cooking and try to support their families.
The film will be posted soon.