For part of my thesis, I was investigating the use of pager networks as a method to determine telemetry positioning in the subway and needed a way to test the functionality of the pager device before building the positioning prototype.


Pager device testing. SIPO chips forming a PIC-chip driven LED chain.


I used the pager device to send train arrival data from the internet to a wall-mounted, ambient transit clock which could notify one of an arriving train.

The result was a 10-minute countdown clock that began lighting up as a train approached, if it was fully illuminated it meant the arrival of a train was imminent. It was tested with timetable data scraped from the MTA's web-based trip planner tool, but could be used with any transit system that posts the arrival information of an approaching train.


Beginning countdown and halfway lit.


Fully lit and without the cover - it was once part of a subway sign.