Situated Perspective is an augmented reality interface system intended to give one insight into the architectural and spatial evolution of the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan and is intended to be used as a means for public participation in the urban planning debate. Spatial recognition is achieved by utilizing a screen-based system that integrates a real-time view with representations of the site as it existed in the past and what it is proposed to look like in the future.

Site study.

Because the system utilizes methods of augmented-reality a user will be afforded a situated experience of the site at the same perspective and scale that they would otherwise experience while looking through a normal window.  The project implements the use of large screens capable of accommodating multiple users in a public setting and its use is independent of personal technology ownership.  The system also unites digital and analog visual artifacts contained in multiple media, locations, architectural proposals, exhibitions and archives into one continuum which illustrate the progression of this site in the past and future.  Additionally, it is argued that the system could be implemented in other locations involving large-scale urban redevelopment (such as the Atlantic Yards Project in Brooklyn), as a tool for public engagement and debate about urban renewal and project proposals.

Site research indicated that many visitors didn't know where the Twin Towers had stood or where the new buildings were going during construction. The screen was designed at an angle to take in the building heights. 


The perspective of the site in plan. A 3D model of Lower Manhattan was constructed in order to obtain the correct perspective through different periods of time.


A view of an early prototype that was longer and explored periods of time as a person walked along the screen.


View of the WTC site renderings. The final design included a narrower screen, different periods of time could be selected by touch.


The site showing the final WTC proposal, and an alternative proposal that was submitted. The system als allowed for commenting on proposals.