View of the seachange application connecting the research terms "design", "urban" and "planning" with the most relevant courses.


Seachange is a tool for visualizing the relationship between research topics, courses, and faculty across Parsons the New School for Design. The project was co-developed with Mike Edwards, who built a Python back-end that harvests course syllabus and faculty bios, then links them to thousands of keywords which are associated with courses or faculty by relevance. I worked on the interface and have developed a number of prototypes in flash and flex for navigating these relationships between topics, courses and faculty (the current version is based on Springgraph by Mark Shepard). This means that a student who is interested in the nexus of a couple of research topics like "China" and "Urban Planning" could type in these terms and find all of the courses and faculty in the school that are most relevant to the intersection of those topics. The project was awarded funds for future development by the Parsons Dean's office, and may be incorporated into the registration system. It will provide a useful role in the new Parsons-wide interdisciplinary curriculum that will be initiated in Fall of 2008.


A close up of Seachange connecting courses and faculty.


A visitor can view course syllabi, descriptions, and faculty bios through the interface.