During this studio we worked with organizations around the world that are funded by the Open Society Institute. We helped redesign interfaces to open-source technology systems that are being used to assist Chinese citizens explore the internet (Psiphon) and build a database with translations of all the world's languages for use in other online systems (Pootle/Wordforge). 

Psiphon is a server that can run on a home computer and allow other people access to the computer to share the internet connection and surf the web.  This is useful for people that are stuck behind national firewalls or are otherwise censored from internet content. Their original interface was not user-friendly, so we conceptualized a new interface oriented around the geographical location of the server users.


Original Psiphon interface. Redesigned Psiphon opening page.


Redesigned interface user list, and checking an active user. 


For the Pootle/Wordforge project, we needed to research the workflow of the actual translators for the system. We designed an interface that helped them visualize the complex system of checking and rechecking required for accurate translations.


Wordforge workflow sketch, redesign of translation workflow.


Original Wordforge interface. Interface redesign sketches.


Wireframing the layout, and final interface design.