During the Open Society Institute Collaboration Studio, we were tasked with producing concepts for socially conscious games.  These concepts were targeted at the Environmental Protection Agency and critiqued by Games for Change, who "...provides support, visibility and shared resources to individuals and organizations using digital games for social change."

Our first gaming concept was called The Collector, and sought to encourage recycling by making it the core mechanic of the game. One plays a homeless person who is rushing through the streets of New York (in kind of a paperboy-game style), while trying to collect as many bottles as possible and dodging garbage trucks, rats, and skater punks...

Collector game elements.


The Collector was featured in an article in the Parsons alumni magazine.


In addition to the Collector prototype, we developed a number of other game concepts including one about using sustainable methods to survive a trash-strewn "WALL-E"-like world, and "The Dump" about sorting trash from recyclables. 

Post-apocolyptic Earth and The Dump gaming concepts.