Our final project for the Magic++ studio with Zach Lieberman was a "Magic Box" project for the magician, Marco Tempest. Marco proposed a number of tricks for his act that would use openframeworks in a number of ways and our group consisting of myself, Joe Mauriello and Cameron Browning were tasked with creating a "Magic Box" and researching ways to use AR Toolkit (augmented reality) with openframeworks. The Magic Box trick would consist of an audience member approaching the stage and box, wishing for something, and having it appear in the box instantaneously when they shined a light on it. It worked by tracking the infrared reflection of the light on the box and projecting the object in the space revealed by the projection. The project also used a brand new short-throw projector, and was able to load new objects into the system using an external xml file.


Marco and the prototype of the box. Schematic of the setup.


Tracking the infrared reflection in the system and with a projector.


We also studied various computer vision techniques in the studio - motion tracking and motion history.


Video masking and motion triggers.