Leroy + Clarkson is a New York-based creative agency, a design studio and a production company fluent in brand identity, promotional campaigns and graphic design. Their clients are major networks, agencies and filmmakers and the firm needed a new way to present and exhibit their work.


The Leroy + Clarkson homepage. The site utilizes jQuery to highlight certain projects based on tags reflecting different categories of projects.


I proposed a drupal-based site that would be able to adapt to their creative vision, be accessible across varying platforms (including the non-flash capable iPhone and iPad), be dynamic and editable by firm staff, and could stream high-quality video so potential clients could view their large body of work.


Leroy + Clarkson's ABC - No Ordinary Family Elements project page. Each project page links to large format quicktime videos that were already being hosted on the firm's Wiredrive account. This prevented LC from having to purchase new hosting space with another company and re-upload dozens of videos.


The About and news items page.


A couple of years after the first version, Leroy and Clarkson asked for an updated implementation and redesign with a brighter color scheme.