NOTICE - This project was completed while working at Unified Field Inc. All rights to the project belong to Unified Field Inc. and the client.
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Project Role - Senior Developer

During the Spring and Summer of 2009 I did the software development for a number of exhibits in the "You! The Experience" exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) which will be active for at least three years. Our firm, Unified Field Inc., worked in partnership with MSI and Thinc Design to design and develop the majority of the interactive and media-driven experiences within the overall exhibit, which covered various topics about the human body, mind, appetite, development, and medical technology.

Your Body was conceived as an interactive mirror that would tell a visitor how often certain cells in the human body would regenerate according to a person's age, body type, and gender. The visitor's height was also determined though the use of a ultrasonic distance sensor located in the ceiling.

An interactive mirror that explains how often cells in different organs turn over according to one's age, body-type and size. © Unified Field Inc.


A visitor initiates the experience by dialing in their age, body type and gender. After viewing the full body model, they are presented with detailed views and facts about each organ. Your Body detail showing muscle view. © Unified Field Inc.


The second exhibit I worked on were the data visualization projection displays that are part of the Food Tally exhibit. Two "Food Tally" kiosks (kiosk software was developed by Matt Fargo) were set up so visitors could enter in the meals they had the day before. After entering the information it is sent to a database and aggregated with all the other visitors over the life of the exhibit. Visitors can then generate data visualizations on the projection screens by selecting different options on the kiosks. The visualization dynamically illustrated the type of foods consumed by people in different age groups, different seasons, by gender, time period, all generated though custom MySQL queries.

Food Tally Exhibit © Unified Field Inc.


Food Tally Visualization © Unified Field Inc.


Visualizing food consumption by gender. © Unified Field Inc.


Attention is an exhibit that shows visitors what we pay attention to by literally tracking a visitor's eyes as they watch a video and then showing them where they looked as the video played during a replay. Eye Glance software that used IR lamps and an IR camera to track eye movement was integrated with our software to allow the user to choose which video they would like to watch using their eyes, and then to track where they looked as they watched the video. Facts about colors and elements that stand out to human eyesite were also included as one watched the eye-marker move over the replay of their video.


Attention showing the screen, IR lamps on the side, the IR camera housing along the bottom, the chin rest, and buttons to initiate the experience. © Unified Field Inc.