I've been to a number of "Creative Technologist-Interactive" conferences and Eyeo has consistently featured one of the best speaker line-ups worldwide as far as I can tell. All the more surprising given its location in my home-town in the middle of the country. It's great that so many talented people have been making the trek out to Minnesota and get to experience the Twin Cities in summertime. 

The conference ran from June 5-8, and basically ran from morning to night each day. There has been a lot written about it and much of the content is available online, so I'd like to put a developer lens on it and highlight the following four creative technologists. 

Robert Hodgin is a super talented developer, co-founder of the Cinder code library, and one of the best speakers I've seen (this was the second time). He is highly original, humorous and develops demos unique to his speaking engagement. You could tell he put a lot of time and thought into his talk and it was entertaining because of it. 


Andrew Bell is also a co-founder of Cinder and his skills and experience are definitely on par with Robert Hodgin. His presentation was also inspirational and he touched on more holistic career-oriented topics, which made his talk highly enlightening since he shared much about his vast experience in the industry.


Theo Watson and Emily Gobielle of Design I/O are former Parsons grads like myself and really made it clear why attending conferences can be rewarding. Theo and Emily did a better job than most of the other speakers at diving into their process and trying to share material they wouldn't otherwise make public. The images below are an example of how they took the audience through some of their project development.



I also wanted to highlight the work of Kyle McDonald, who focuses his work on straddling the line between what is private and public in a highly connected society. He is also omnipresent on the openFrameworks forums (among other contributers), offering endless help and advice. 


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